"Qingming Festival is one of the most important traditional festival China. It is not only the people pay homage to their ancestors, cherish the memory of their ancestors Festival, is also the Chinese nations link to find ones origin, is a hiking outing, close to nature, protecting the new spring ceremony."

As an important content of the festival Ching Ming Festival sacrifice, outing custom comes from the cold food festival, Shangsi festival. The cold food festival and the understanding of the nature of the. In China, cold food after the rebirth of the new fire is a kind of new transition ceremony, said the seasonal alternation information, a symbol of starting the new season, new hope, new life, new cycle. Then there is the "thanksgiving" means, more emphasis on the "past" Remembrance and gratitude. Cold food observance ban fire cold food festival tomb sweeping outing travel, take new fire. Before the Tang Dynasty, cold and clarity is the two successive but the theme of different festivals, the former Qiu Xin Memorial nostalgia, the nursing students; Yin and Yang, a breath of life, the two have close relationship with the. Fire ban is for fire, sacrifice to the Archilife dead, it is cold and clear the inherent cultural association. Tang Xuanzong, the court had to order in the form of folk customs in the Ching Ming Festival fixed sweep the tombs of the cold food festival, Hanshi and Qingming is closely connected with in time, cold food festival and Qingming associated with early, sweep the tombs from the extended to the Qingming cold food.




The tomb-sweeping day as a holiday, are different from pure solar terms. Solar term is a sign of phenology change, seasonal order in China, and it is more a festival of custom activities and some memorable.

Tomb-sweeping day is Chinas traditional festival, is also the most important memory of ancestors and the grave. This grave to commemorate the dead mans a kind of activity. The han nationality and some minority are mostly in the tombs. Grave, people to carry goods such as especially fruit, paper money to the grave, will be food for offering in the family tomb, to use paper money on fire new soil up to the grave, fold a few branches pale green branches ed in the grave, and then kowtow worship salute, finally eat especially home. The tang dynasty poet tu mus poem "qingming" : "rains fall heavily as qingming comes, and passers-by with lowered spirits go. Restaurant where? Boy pointed apricot blossom village." Write the ching Ming festival special atmosphere.

Ching Ming festival, also called TaQingJie, according to the solar calendar for, it is in every year on April 4 to 6, between, it is beautiful spring scenery spring-out of season, also is a good time to people spring outing, so the ancients had qingming outing, and carry out a series of customs sports activities.

Until today, tomb-sweeping day ancestor worship, mourning the late relatives customs still prevail.






Today is April 5, ching Ming festival.

My father and I went back to the countryside hometown for ancestors grave. We came to the ancestral grave, dad with his shovel the tombs to repair, and then put the tribute to the grave, took me to the ancestors on three head, got up and down a bowl of wine, spilled a circle around the tombs. In the grave, we walk in the mountains Youll also be able to contribute, on a mountain high, there are lush trees, there are green grass, there are clear lakes, beautiful!

On the way home, winter jasmine, plum and cherry blossoms are scrambling to in full bloom, fragrance of flowers floating around, a lot of visitors to take photos in front of the flower, laughing faces as beautiful as flowers, how happy ah! Dad told me: tomb-sweeping day is our memory of martyrs, ancestor worship festival, festival is blooming, play for an outing. He told me the martyrs brave fight, fear no sacrifice revolutionary story. I listened to the very touched, it is our predecessors bloody sweat, hard working, just have our good life today, so we should cherish the happy life today, study hard, healthy growth, grow up contribution strength, serve the country!





winter have passed, and all things recovery, at this time, the annual ching ming festival again. from the start my notebook, each of the ching ming festival this day, the mother let me put on army colored spring, with paper money, led me go.

the death of our family are buried in people biandantang hill, where very far from my house, want to switch cars several road. i remember a child, i always am glad to go上坟, because the mother at one grave money, me, and i will fill the fields and everywhere to play, until his mother put on my drag car go.

i do not know from the start when i go to play it again no longer downtown, but one after another to observe each one graves. i once found in a dilapidated graves, no traces of burnt paper money, i am very surprised that on the down, the language carefully to identify the monument, as if engraved above the so-called "life took part in fighting this war," and he was still a stranger miles! why, he should be buried in the martyrs cemetery ! why is no one above the names of relatives?

with questions about my curiosity ran to tell his mother, the mother does not rise, but slowly, said: "alas! you go get some paper money for him it!" i took over the delivery to the mother of a pile of paper money. he went to the tomb, while throwing paper money to the fire, he murmured: "no one has ever been up for your grave, you must be very lonely, and i do not know what you call not recognize you, but you year must be a hero, now has displaced bones, i burn some paper money for you now ... ... "at this time, his hands gently caught one of my shoulders, i looked back and was the mother, she gently from my hands took some paper money, threw the fire, the paper money fell fire, one, two, four ... ...

this year went to the vicinity of cemeteries, and because the mother had severe rheumatoid arthritis, she could not , and i go, she is not a person at ease. so we at outdoor money, his mother threw some paper money said: "dad! you then you! small, remote, (my uncle) with ... ..."

finally only a pile of paper money, the mother put it to me said: "little wing, do you die for that unknown person burned it, alas! did not give him strange people poor." the fire ... ... my face, my heart said: "rest in peace now! next year the ching ming festival, i must go上坟for you!" wind gust over, put the ashes of burnt paper money has been blown away ... ...



The Qingming Festival is a traditional festival, every festival, everyone began to busy.


The Qingming Festival is also called the festival in March, has been two thousand five hundred years of history. The Gregorian calendar April 5th is tomb sweeping day. In twenty-four solar term Qingming is become an independent school. As in all seasons, is the only Qingming Festival is also a throttle.


Ching Ming Festival to the grave, outing Qingming eat? And, among them, my favorite is to eat the tomb?. Every festival, grandpa go to the mountain to give back; then it is chopped into mud; then it is fired, and on the inside with stuffing, stuffing a salty, sweet, but delicious; finally, the die to split it into a circular shape is complete.


Not only have we Chinese Qingming Festival, there are a lot of foreign festival. They are just like us, they want to enjoy the festival happiness.